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Acolad BelgiumPublishing, Communication & Multimedia, Business services, IT & Telecoms
ActirisBusiness services, Business services
BeciBusiness services
BeltopBusiness services, Business services, Transport & Logistics
Care 4 FleetsMachinery and equipment & Automotive, Business services, Transport & Logistics
Care4driversBusiness services, Machinery and equipment & Automotive, Transport & Logistics
CEMPO – Centrale des Employeurs des Ports de Bruxelles et de VilvoordeBusiness services
Citydev.brusselsBusiness services
ComooBusiness services, Machinery and equipment & Automotive, Transport & Logistics
DriveXBusiness services, Machinery and equipment & Automotive, Transport & Logistics
Elis BelgiumBusiness services, Business services, Textile, Clothing & Footwear, Textile, Clothing & Footwear
EuclidesBusiness services
GaMa TranslationsBusiness services
Group S – Secrétariat SocialBusiness services, Business services, Business services
H2L MaintenanceBusiness services (ABAE)Business services
ISS Facility ServicesBusiness services
JobaltoBusiness services
MG Real EstateBusiness services
Mister GadgetTrade, Trading & Distribution, Publishing, Communication & Multimedia, Business services
Mommaerts Safety Global SafeStudies and advice, Business services
Port of BrusselsBusiness services
SecuritasBusiness services
Silo BrusselsBusiness services, Events, Sports, Tourism & Horeca
UPTRBusiness services, Business services
Usagers Des Ports De Bruxelles Et VilvordeBusiness services
Vitess’ke – Groupe AtBusiness services
XLG IndustryBusiness services
Yves MaesBusiness services, Waste Management & Energy

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