PARKWAY 21 – New public inquiry to begin April 7

Within the framework of the request for planning permission by Brussels Mobility for the development project of the Avenue des Croix de Feu, called Parkway 21, the CPB has lodged a protest.

Indeed, the impact of a reduction on the accessibility of the economic activity pole of the canal has not been sufficiently studied by the impact report.

A consultation committee was organized and a favorable opinion was issued with conditions.

Brussels Mobility has therefore prepared new plans which, in view of the substantial modifications, will require a new public inquiry.

The latter will start on April 7, 2023 and will end on May 6.

As a reminder, this request for planning permission aims to :

  • Restructuring the R21 road axis in Laeken / Neder-Over-Heembeek;
  • Requalify the A12 freeway into an urban boulevard;
  • Make the Van Praet Avenue a two-way street with one lane to enter the city and two lanes to exit;
  • Eliminate through lanes on Avenue des Croix du Feu;
  • Strengthen the RER bike infrastructure and create a pedestrian-cyclist walkway.

We will be sure to keep interested parties informed as the project progresses.

More information : PARKWAY 21 – New public inquiry to begin April 7